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Horseback riding enthusiasts and horse racing enthusiasts? You're at the right address. Welcome to the "I love horses" page for lovers of the equestrian world. This platform specializes in the acquisition of horse and sale of equestrian equipment.

Find a horse for your race

Are you a horse lover and would like to offer you your first race pet? We have everything you need. Or you want to acquire another competition animal for your stable. It's even better since our site offers purebred horses, ideal for novice or professional competitions. Going to the back of one of our stallions will allow you to improve easily on different types of circuits until that of the elites. Our horses have been selected according to rigorous tests and demanding criteria. On this site you can directly access the animal's descriptions, the results of its tests as well as health information from a veterinarian. You can also watch the video of the animal in full race to know its performances once on the tracks. You can ensure the quality of our horses since they have also been tried by a professional rider. Find your rare gem among our 1000 perfectly selected horses.

Exceptional offers

Welcome to our exceptional offers page. These offers relate to the sale of horses, of the same breed and of the same quality as those usually sold but which are low priced. If you subscribe to our page, we will send you by email information about this offer and you will be notified first when there will be a flash sale of horses. These are stallions coming either from an immediate sale by a rider or from sales due to the closure of a stud. Our site is certainly the only place where you can see detailed descriptions with the provenance of the horses. We also offer trial periods with the animal of your choice. Check and you will see for yourself. If you can not always find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

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