Equitack have the knowledge to restore a perfect saddle

It is a bit bottle to the sea ... but we must recognize that the task is tough! Saddlers who are used to working saddles, in France, it is counted on the fingers of one hand. One works very well leather, but this leaves something to be desired paddling, another is the opposite, another is the time, another tariffs. At Equitack, stool restoration is 100% assured. You will also see, used antares saddles that are perfectly suited to any need.

How does Equitack go about restoring its stool

For cleaning, Equitack removes the successive layers of waxes, restores the leather's natural appearance and especially opens the pores of the leather, thus facilitating the penetration of the pigments. The leather is clean, degreased, and dry, go to the repigmentation phase which will give it an original finish by removing all discoloration, wear, cracks etc.

The products that Equitack favors for the upholstery upholstery maintenance, so that your riding upholstery lasts as long as possible, are specific products. Glycerine soap or shampoo is recommended by Equitack because the glycerine it contains combines the qualities of emollient, moisturizing and moisturizing agents. A leather cream that nourishes and softens this specific material.. We must also provide soft accessories to perform a perfect cleaning, without damaging the leather: A large cleaning brush with silk bristles: it helps you to thoroughly wash the saddle by impregnating just the right product. Its natural bristles leave no mark on the leather and thoroughly remove dust or all deposits during an outing.

Thus, it is better to use products dedicated to leather of course. This treatment restores the thickness and suppleness of the saddlery. It revives the natural glow of leather, while extending its life. For your equestrian equipment to remain impeccable the longest, it is essential that you maintain it regularly, or use Equitack for the restoration of your stool.

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