How Equitack made a name for themselves in saddle restoration

Equitack is a manufacturing plant saddles for horses, but it also has the tools for riding and more is his attitude to educate people to behave better with their horse, so it is not for nothing that this company is the reliable partner of the international competition horse.

The skills of the Equitack team

For over the years, the artisans of Equitack combine the art of upholstery in harmonious unity. Adjusting the saddle touch of leather, manufacture of quality: many aspects are good saddle and function for the horse and rider. Indeed, the art of a saddle requires a thorough knowledge of hippological muscle, bone and movement of the horse while riding, and the requirements in terms of equipment. The years of experience gained by the staff of Equitack in equestrian sport and in almost all areas of equestrian sport made its effects. But also, the solid training and successful as a saddler and an advanced annual training at the highest level are the backbone of the company specialty reassure the market.

The skills of Equitack

Each year, trainer team equitack supported by experts watching horse’s client launches an online conference to improve our equestrian knowledge and many new start-ups working in this field following the court, owners ranch, even individuals. Workshops are also organized in each location Equitack but also to partners and a country to another skilled saddler are welcomed. The horse saddle surpasses its mere function through the art of taming, where the complicity between man and animal is necessary. Equitack is not a simple craft company saddler but it is also the ideal partner for those who wish to train in the field riding. It is indeed a company that provides training especially crowned its customers and partners.

Finally, the name of the Equitack became known in time and in small steps, they built the confidence of experts in equestrianism, hence the marked crest in international competitions.

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