The advanatge of buying used saddles

There are many sorts of saddles that is in option on the marketplace: mixed, obstacle, cross, dressage, endurance and also about the Western, Amazon, French, English saddles, the list is long but there are two groups of saddles, a new saddle and a used saddle. What is the best for you, let’s talk about it now.

Choose about the size of the seat

It is better to have a little idea of the seat shape that you want: hollow seat, semi-hollow or a flat seat. And also, what will be good for us, the reality morphologically we are not all the same. In fact, it is the shape of the seat that which will influence the position of our spine and the position of our legs. A good mixed saddle can be used to a reasonable level in training, obstacle and cross or ride if you feel good with it.

Choose the leather saddle

You know, this kind of saddle is very expensive, and the best one is the used saddles that you can manipulate in each needed. A leather saddle will be benefits about his durable assurance and his elegant style. Leather is a natural material that allows the rider to have a close and pleasant contact with his mount. It requires careful and regular maintenance. If you have an intensive practice of riding and you ride several horses a day we recommend this material which limits the warm-ups.

Choose about the form of fender

You need to observe the right fender that will protect your feet. There are two kind of fender, a straight fender and an advanced fender. The straight fender with a hollow seat on a saddle training will be better for a straight position with legs down. And the advanced fender with a flat seat or semi-hollow will ride with calipers shorter and a great freedom of movement.

And about the cleats. We can find it in the host requirements. It’s depend of the rider that the cleats are very large and thick that will wedge your legs and prevent them from moving forward under any circumstances.

It is possible to test the saddles on the back of your horse and to verify that it is suitable for him before making your purchase yet.

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