The standard and quality of what Equitack offers : Visit for more

For comfort and luxury horse equipment. Equitack offers all kinds of kit horses with very original designs, quality and standard models available for saddles of horses. To want to know the multitude of products to sell, available services, large brands to choose, we recommend visit for more information of products.

It is a famous company selling and improving equine equipment with international stature and very well known on the american market.

Equitack: what is it?

Equitack has existed for many decades. Its mission is to sell the products used equipment and new equipment for horse. Major brands are available at it such as: Antares, Butet, Voltaire, CWD, Devoucoux, Erreplus, Bruno Delgrange and Hermes are available at home.

When it comes to the used horse kit, this company collects and repairs and improves the purchased products and then resells them.

Due to its size and global commercial reach, it also provides a variety of saddles of horses fast and 14-day of sales services as soon as the buyer takes his orders.

With a website, that can offer a variety of products under various types, conditions, disciplines and brands. With a live chat service to tap more info.

Equitack: the services available

At Equitack, it is operational only and communicable online Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Before you buy, you should specify which Type, which Brand, which Discipline and which Event. He reassures his products sold and sent in 14 days when his products sent to your home.

You will be able to return your order in case of problem contrary to all that was agreed. There is nothing to worry about because it will replace it as soon as your claim will be received and the cost of return is the responsibility of this company.

For more, usually, Equitake specializes in the sale of saddles of horses. Products you are waiting for are visible on its online sales site. If the information that we come to give is not enough, then just visit his site and obtain a lot of info of its varieties products.

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