The basic types of saddles to choose from

Horse riding is a wonderful sport, which enables you to evacutate the tension by building your muscles at the same time. But it is also a very expensive sport: indeed horse riding calls for a lot of equipment, whose prices quickly rise according to the quality of the products. To ride, you will especially need a saddle. And you have to know that it is very important to choose a good saddle, and you have to do this carefully: indeed, a saddle which would be not designed for your horse might harm him more or less seriously. That is why you absolutely have to preserve your horse's back, which remains fragile despite his visible sturdiness.

How to choose the best saddle

Your saddle has to perfectly suit your horse's morphology, to prevent any injury. So you have to choose it according the length of his back: indeed the saddle has not to apply any pressure on the lumbar vertebras and let the withers free. Moreover, the flaps of the saddle have not to obstruct the motion of the shoulders. To make sure that your saddle perfectly suits your horse, check the sweat prints after your riding session: they have to be similar everywhere. If this is not so, it means that there is a dizziness and that the saddle apply more pressure to a side than to another.

Neuve ou d'occasion?

There are miscellaneous kinds of saddles, used or new. Many riders choose their saddle mainly according to their budget: indeed you have to know that a new saddle made of leather is very expensive, and it is an expense that a lot of riders could not afford. You also have to know that a used saddle perfect concession, because you have the opportunity to benefit from a leather saddle at a more affordable cost, without sacrificing the quality. The main thing is that the saddle has to be perfectly designed for your horse, and it has not to be new to suit him. Find here a selection of the best used saddles.

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